It is very important to know how to update your contact information in your cpanel web hosting account. In this tutorial video you will learn how to allocate quotas to your various contact info, how to set notifications, etc Click on the following link to watch the video. Cpanel Video – How to update contact information

4 thoughts on “How to update contact information in cpanel

  1. very good video on updating contact information in cpanel. Have always wondered how toallocate quotas for contact information in cpanel.

  2. This video is what I want to really understand cpanel. I have to download it and play over and over again. Please how do I download the video ?

  3. You can download any of the videos on this website using Download Helper software. Very easy to use. search for the software by name and download it.

  4. Your article is very good and has very good advice for updating your information in Cpanel . The how to video you provided was also very helpful, thanks you for sharing the information with us.

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