How to forward emails in cpanel hosting.

This video clear shows you how you can forward your emails from your cpanel email accounts to external email accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. to view this video tutorial click on the link. How to use email forwarders in cpanel.

How to use webmail in cpanel.

This video tutorial teaches you how to use webmail when you have cpanel web hosting. Webmail allows you to read your mail online without having to download your mail to outlook or outlook express. View the tutorial by clicking on this link Using webmail in cpanel

How to change the style of your cpanel.

Changing the style of your cpanel simply means choosing a different theme for your cpanel home page. I f what you have presently is boring or dull you can change it to a more interesting style. to view how click on the following link Change style in cpanel

How to update contact information in cpanel

It is very important to know how to update your contact information in your cpanel web hosting account. In this tutorial video you will learn how to allocate quotas to your various contact info, how to set notifications, etc Click on the following link to watch the video. Cpanel Video – How to update contact information

How to change password in cpanel web hosting.

This is a very easy one. hat is, how to change your password in Cpanel. However, it is very important to know this. The reason being that, Cpanel is a very popular web hosting software, so malicious hackers are always breaking into peoples Cpanel and defacing their websites. Especially if you have a weak password. So, it is adisable to change your password periodically. Watch this video by clicking this link.Cpanel Video – How to Change Password

configure email with Yahoo in Cpanel

Sometimes you will want to just browse through your emails, delete what you don’t want and read what you want. But you don’t want to do this while connected to the internet. So you want to download your Yahoo mails to your email client and read offline. You may also want to compose your emails offline and then send them online when you are ready. This saves you a lot on your internet bandwidth expense. This Cpanel tutorial video shows you how you can accomplish this. Click on the following link and watch. Cpanel Video – Configuring Email With Yahoo in Cpanel hosting.

How to configure email with outlook express in cpanel

This next video shows you how to configure your traditional email client that came with Microsoft operating system, That is, Outlookexpress in Cpanel to work with the email account you created in the previous video tutorial.

With this video tutorial you will learn how you don’t need to log into your server before your can send email. Right from your desktop, you write your email in your Outlook express and send. Happy watching.  Cpanel Video – Configuring Email with Outlook.

How to create email accounts in Cpanel.

Creating email accounts in Cpanel is very easy. Especially after watching this video. Having an email account that bears your domain name is very good indeed. It gives you some professional touch. Unlike when you run your business using free email accounts. So having an email address like is much more better than having .Therefore, knowing how to create an email account in Cpanel is very important. Link the following link to watch this video.   Cpanel Video – How to Setup Email Accounts

How to login to Cpanel.

Login to cpanel should be a straight forward thing. Except that your username and password has to be provided first by your web host. After registering for a web hosting account, you will receive in your email box, what is called a welcome email. In this email you will find the details of your web hosting, including your username and password that you will use to login to your cpanel. To see how the process works watch this video. Click on the following link.  Cpanel Video – How To Login To Cpanel

How to change template logo in Joomla.

This joomla video is very important indeed. it concerns your template logo. Most templates whether paid or free usually come with a logo that you are expected to change. A logo is what gives your website that uniqueness. So, it is important that, it is the first thing you want to change on your Joomla website. Click on the following link to view this Joomla tutorial video. Joomla Video – How To Change Template Logo In Joomla